Just an idea that popped into my head.


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10 thoughts on “feminist

  1. didn't notice the patriotic hairnet before. Wonder if that little girl grew up to be a fighter for womens rights or if she was over it. She'd have heard some interesting and heated conversations I'd say.

  2. From the look of the clothes, it looks like they have another 20 years before they get the vote. Plenty of time for the little one to become a fighter.

  3. Women in America finally got the vote August 1920! So she was probably still a bit young. Women in Australia got the vote in 1901 (excluding Aboriginal women). I always find it interesting that New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women full equal voting rights – in 1893.

  4. well you'd have to wait until I had another idea. I was thinking of doing some 4 x 4 tiles and selling them as a set of 2 – 2 for $10 maybe.

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