New Life

Found this outside the back door – only one though, ususally there's two. It's tiny. Hard to imagine that the teeny little thing that came out of it can survive the nest, the hawk, the magpies and the weather. And the cat when we had him. He had a few. He was like a possessed demon when he knew there were baby doves around. He scaled the garage wall like spiderman once to get to them. No easy task considering he weighed 9 kilos.

Now if I'd been thinking I'd have put a 10 cent piece near it so you could see how timy it is. Doh.




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13 thoughts on “New Life

  1. Boyfriend has two doves nesting in his garage. We check on them whenever we can – and they don't move, whether it's out of fear, self-protection or even some sort of self-hypnosis. Dove babies should be arriving soon.
    One thing we've learned from observing them…mourning doves make appalling nests. I can't see how the parents can raise a family balanced on a couple of twigs.

  2. lol – their nests are more of a tray than a nest aren't they – no rounded sides at all. And always balancing on a branch.
    I'm always climbing on ladders and looking in the nests – they must just wish I'd go away.

  3. It's a real struggle out there right from the start isn't it. The egg shell is quite sturdy and to think they have to bust out of it before they even start.

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