Perth Dundee

Whats going on in Perth? I've just made 20 tiles for a woman there who is going to sell them at markets and later in the year (hopefully) in a shop and I've just had an email from a shop owner in Perth who wants me to send him a catalogue of my tiles and magnets. A catalogue! Maybe he didn't realise it was just me, a small box cutter and my kitchen table doing the work. But damn it, I made a catalogue (is that how you spell it?) and blow me down if I haven't misplaced a whole series of magnets somehwere. They were good ones as well, vintage tattoo stencils. I must have filed them somewhere because I printed them out. Probably on that poxy laptop thats still being repaired in Sydney. But yeah, thats exciting news. I don't expect to pay off the the new house, but as long as it pays for my parts and keeps me in wine, I'm happy.

I just read on my news page that Charlton Heston died. And I know I've posted this photo before, but I've dabbled with it a bit and I do love it. Just something about it. Even though it is all blurry at the front. This is one from Papas slidebox. So here's the Moulin Rouge – Charlton Heston showing in Dundee.

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19 thoughts on “Perth Dundee

  1. Perth's just experiencing a once-in-a-generation boom right now. It's not like everyone's walking arounds with wads of cash falling from their pockets, but there is a sense of giddyness about the place. A bit misguided if you ask me, but that's only me.
    People are splurging on expensive cars and eating out a lot more. The real estate market, until very recently, was hotter than anywhere else in Australia. At the very high-end, it still is. Not so for the bulk of the market, but then I'd give it another 12 months before we'll see a kick-up again.
    Make sure you get paid before you send the stuff out. In boom towns, you will also see a lot more shady types hanging around. Bond, Connell, Goldberg… you get the picture.

  2. yes will definitely get the money in the bank first! Don't think any of the big wheelers and dealers wil be interested in me though.

  3. Whoo-hoo! Magnets for Wine! There's the name of your company right there. Sad about Heston, though we all go sometime. Can't help wondering now who the next two will be. (P.S. Catalogue, you're fine; catalog also OK.)

  4. lol – will work for wine. I also thought WTF (Where's The Fridge).
    Catalog just doesn't look done. Reminds me of the dogs that do a hardware advert here and they have a dogalog.

  5. Cat. how terrific! I don't know if I hope this is the start of something big for you or not. If you get all Laurel Burch, you won't have time for the likes of me and that will make me sad. Because it's all about me, you know…I just bought two books at the liberry used book store just for the covers. I thought of you. Must scan and post for your viewing commentary 🙂

  6. lol! Like 'em both! Will Work for Wine .. now there's your handy familiar acronym! Just squeeze a tiny "f" between the appropriate W's and you're set. AND you won't be infringing any possible patents.

  7. have no idea who laurel burch is, but let me know if I'm becoming like her.
    Yes, you should always keep your eyes peeled for interesting bits and pieces

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