It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting

It was much much worse.

California Ambrosia. Sounds pleasant enough, but don't be fooled.

I received a deck of smoothie recipes years ago and never got around to trying them out. I mean its so much effort isn't it. Peeling and preparing all those ingredients for half a cup of drink. Then taking apart the blender to clean it. Similar to the juicer really. Do you know how many carrots it takes to make a cup of carrot juice? And do you realise how many parts there are in a juicer that need dismantling and cleaning. Which is why mine sits in the bottom of a dark cupboard. Somewhere.

However I decided I would go through the smoothie deck. Second off the pack was California Ambrosia. Mango nectar, lime juice, diced mango, mint and silken tofu. WTF? But I always like to try things before I turn my nose up at them. And all I can say was that it was what I would imagine drinking  half a glass of snot would be like. Well I could only manage a couple of mouthfuls. Thickish and pale yellowish. Tofu, was that really made for drinking?

Bring on the Banana Latte I say. Milk, espresso, banana, ice, cocoa.

Better yet. I wonder how far in deck these ones are.

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18 thoughts on “It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting

  1. That sounds like it would be delicious without the tofu. If you really felt the need for something creamy, I would hazard a guess that yogurt would be tastier than the silken tofu. I know some people who do the tofu smoothie thing, but it's usually for health rather than taste.

  2. lol – definitely only for health I'd say. Yesterdays pineapple one was nice – it had frozen yoghurt in it. Something naughty about having frozen yoghurt for breakfast. As a non fruit eater I'm getting a good variety of the stuff.

  3. Actually, coconut milk instead of tofu for creaminess might be rockin. Although, I'm not sure the creaminess is necessary. This is unwarranted creaminess.

  4. I don't mind the banana in a smoothie as long as it's not made with milk. Otherwise they do tend to get phlegm like. Has to be water based. Oh god imagine tofu and banana – probably choke to death.

  5. I did use coconut milk – lite – in one a couple of days ago – maybe the pineapple one. Which means it had frozen yoghurt and coconut milk in it. hmm

  6. i know how many parts are in a juicer… thats why i juice at least once a week… because its easier for my boyd o digest a juice than the fruits and veggies… and i just most of the time mix fruits and veggies like i think i'm going to have a celery apple, mango carrot juice… why cuz i think it sounds nice… if it tastes like crap i just take it as a shot…


  7. My husband makes the best daquiris. Just the right consistencey. Banana latte was good but it means I've had two doses of strong coffee already this morning. Whooo.

  8. Takes so much veg and fruit to fill a glass though. I do like beetroot juice. Although I did think I was dying from a nasty bowel disease the next day.

  9. Something I won't attempt again either. Vile. Can't imagine I'd really enjoy eating it after having a poke and a sniff around the packet. Banana Latte was extra delicious.

  10. oh I know what you mean – I never blend straberries because you end up with all that sludge in the bottom of the glass that then ends up in your teeth.

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