Vox Hunt: Think Ink


12 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Think Ink

  1. Ohhh wow!
    That is such a rad tatt! (That is you in the picture right?)
    Did you design it yourself? Did it hurt?
    I LOVE tattoo art, but I am not ready enough to get myself inked.
    Love it!

  2. yes thats me. It just started with a small butterfly then grew. Then I had the shading put through. Which actually looks nicer than the photo shows – that looks like I just have black stripes. It goes round the front of my arm and under. Thats the bit that hurt – under, on that nice soft bit near your armpit.
    I was just looking at that last night actually and how it is still really bright blue whereas the others have really faded a lot. There are more on the other shoulder blade and inner forearms. But I didn't want to be a showoff. lol.

  3. lovely… i'm thinking about getting a sleeve tattoo…but i really don't know what… i'm thinking hearts starts, gold fish with big fins… swimming with the fairies… and lots of color… it'll hurt like a bitch… but i'm willing to have the pain…


  4. my colour is fading. Yellow is the fastest to fade so don't get too much of that. And white seems to disappear. I wouldn't mind going further down the arm myself.

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