This is Lizzie. Taken a couple of years ago. I wish she'd give up smoking though. (just kidding – we keep that fag in the drawer for photo taking purposes).

Still testing some new techniques in photo messing. She'll probably be cranky when she sees it and say her nose looks too big. But I like the way it turned out.

She was dressing up for me beause at that time she had a P.E. teacher who seemed to despise her and I wanted some pics of her as a P.E. brat. I can't remember now all the things the teacher said to her, but one of them was that she was a waste of space on the netball court. Nice one.


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15 thoughts on “Liz

  1. Great photo! Lousy teacher… stories like these remind me why we homeschool the young'un. I wonder if that teacher is a member of the same club as his kindergarten teacher is – The Have No Business Being Around Kids Club.

  2. I think that club would have a large membership. Her hatred for my daughter was so great, that she had this rule when they played basketball, that if Lizzie was on your team and you scored a goal, it didn't count unless Lizzie had touched the ball somewhere along the way. Of course the boys would just run up to lizzie, let her touch it, then go on.

  3. well I never write down what i do so I'm not sure what I've really done. I started out following instructions for a cartoon type effect but then I duplicated the final layer a couple of times and messed with the blending options.

  4. I love the photo too…keeping "the fag in the drawer for photo taking purposes" cracked me up!
    Ugh – I have heard my share of horrid PE teacher comments…why must so many of them be so nasty?

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