I need a hobby

My laptop has gone. For TWO WEEKS no less. And it shall come back wiped. WIPED. I've spent the day copying and transferring files over to the mother computer in my office. I won't be happy in here for two weeks. For one thing I can't see out anywhere and the bathroom door is directly behind me. And we are having renovations done in there at the moment. So it's smelly and dusty. And I have to take turns with children wanting to use it. Brats.

I had a mad race through my photos and deleted all the ones I didn't want strange computer repair people looking at. You know like the ones of Lizzie smoking in her school uniform. Oh and the ones of Lizzie tied up out in the backyard.

But I found some good old things. Here she is. This was called Revenge of the Toys. That was fun. Well for me anyway. Lizzie was just freaking out that the dog would run past, knock the scissors and get an instant, unwanted haircut.

Then there was Fear. And this is still my greatest fear.

And there was Freedom.

And then there was this little charmer I found in papas slidebox. Wonder what she ended up like.

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