the shit in the third drawer down

Actually mine's my second drawer down. I've been living in this house for 17 years now and apart from the ticked items, I have never used the other stuff. In fact it's dangerous to even try. If those teaspoons get tipped out of the bag and you have to dig deep for one, you're likely to cop a skewer under the fingernail. Every night when I get the wooden spoon out I look at that drawer and think, shit, what is all that stuff. Looking at it now there are things I don't even know what I'd use them for. As you can see I only stir and serve.

But it always reminds me of a song I heard years ago that Jimeoin wrote.

In my kitchen, there's a drawer at the top It's got cutlery, knives, forks, spoons, the lot. Second drawer down's got a big knife and an egg-whip. Things that should go in the first drawer, But they just don't fit And the third drawer down, from the top, It's just full of shit.  Ha ha! There's ton's of it!  Elastic bands and tally-ho's that don't stick. Dried up glue, false teeth, Something stolen from a hotel Things that are broken, that you know you'll never fix But you put them in the third drawer, Cause you just ain't got the heart to throw them away. It's the third drawer down, from the top, And it's full of shit.  Bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum. Bum bum bum bum.  Bluetac and cella-tape, that's been hit by a truck One chop-stick, an ash-tray from Canada Paid bills and envelopes Things that you think'll come in handy, But they just never do. It's the third drawer down, from the top, And it's full of shit.  Bum bum bum bum bum, Oh the third drawer It's full of shit.  And the fourth drawer down (That's the one below the third) It's got plastic bags in it.  

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19 thoughts on “the shit in the third drawer down

  1. LOL! I think my third drawer was a little more like Jimeoin's than yours!! Yep – I just looked at the words again and that was definitely my drawer! When we moved I just threw it all out.

  2. LOL! Since we moved I have a new philosophy – I don't keep anything "just incase it will be handy one day" or anything that I might "find the other part of eventually".

  3. Love that song!
    The drawers in my kitchen are on my TO-DO list for tomorrow and I was planning to take before and after shots. I've been fairly productive this past four days and I have plenty of photos to prove it! KT can't come into our house as he's in a wheelchair and we not only have a big step but the front and living room doors are offest, so a big Look What I've Done post is planned for the weekend!

  4. ok, I'm starting to feel slightly guilty. Not enough to race off and clean it right now but maybe on the weekend. Maybe I could bribe a child to do it. Or threaten.

  5. omg my mom has the same drawer problem… and i always have to stick my hand down and i get poked by the other items that want some fresh air… damn them… in my apartment i don't have a 3rd drawer only firsts… booo…


  6. Loved your post! Here's an idea. Get some superglue. Glue all the stuff in the third drawer together. It looks like the sculpture should be about a meter tall. Run a rod and cord up through the middle and attach a light fixture to it. Whenever someone asks you where something is you can say 'Did you check the lamp?' šŸ™‚

  7. oh yes – good idea. I could become famous. If people can believe you're an artists because you stack a pile of bananas together, they would think I (you) was a genius.

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