the missus

This made me laugh. Even though it shouldn't. And I like to think  that women read this shit and thought to themselves 'fuck that mate', but just weren't living in the right times to actually say it. I'd just like to point out that I didn't underline those bits. It came to me that way. Lol.


A good wife knows her place – yeah, and it's not with that bastard!

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16 thoughts on “the missus

  1. lol – well you won't show it to her if you want to wake up in the morning. Show it to her and she may arrange one of those comfy pillows over you face while you sleep.

  2. OMG this is hysterical. Reminds me of something I found in my parents closet once when I was a young adult living at home. It was "instructions" how to have sex, purely based on pleasing the man of course. If I remember right, the instructions were issued by the military (My dad was a career military man) My parents were married in the 40's and I can totally see my mother relying on this things to be considered a good wife. ugh.

  3. It made me nauseated to read this crap, and thankful that I wasn't an adult woman in the 1950s. But I'm sure that few people actually followed these nonsensical rules, even back then. My parents were married during WWII, and I can't remember my mother ever doing crap like this when I was a little kid during the sixties, nor would my father have ever expected it of her.

  4. Oy, how archaic! my mother gave me a JW book that lists things like this in it, though not as blatant. He is the man of the house type thing. Well, my marriage has officially lasted 5 years longer than hers, and husband and I are a team, not a leader and a silent follower.

  5. I know, right? Haha! My grandmother always tells me I need to ask my husband to see if I can go to lunch with her, or go garage sale-ing with her. I tell her he lets me make up my own mind, in fact this is one of the things he finds attractive about me. But she may say this to me because my sister has told people my husband controls me and I can't do anything without his approval. What can you do? family

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