Cut the Fat

I'd like to introduce you to Nancy. Hi Nancy. I don't actually know Nancy but I saw her photo in a fitness magazine. The reason I cut Nancy out is because she is 50. FIFTY.

I'd like to get inside Nancys head. I want to know how she stays so focused. Being that fit at any age takes some hard work and determination. But hard work and determination get so boring after a while.

Nancy looks happy.

But I decided there is only one way to go about this. I only want to lose 4 kilos but they are showing strong signs of resistance. They just seem to love living on my waist. And the article I read that was titled Just Say NO to Cellulite was crap. I've said NO to it every day since and it's still there. So I made this. I think it's the only way. Shame really, I'm good at making excuses.

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12 thoughts on “Cut the Fat

  1. why is it attainable for her but not for me?
    Because you don't seem like the shallow kind of person who would be willing to sacrifice every other aspect of their life to work out for several hours a day just to have sculpted abs.

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