mother nature – a beautiful bitch

On my way out the door yesterday I saw these huge spider webs. Close together but I think they belonged to different guys.

This one was a bit messy – had seen a few repairs by the look of it.

But this one was just about perfect. Look at that row of loopy bits, beautiful work.


This is the guy who lived there. Nice neat circles there. Bad lighting sorry but had to take them while the sun was beaming on them so I could see the web. 

And he has a very light touch

This is Vinnie being helpful. Every time I'd squat down he'd grab the lens cover or the strap. Hates anyone else getting any attention.

Last night we had a storm here and of course today the webs are both gone. No sign of rebuilding yet. You may have seen the photos of the birds nest in the tree I posted, well that's gone as well. It was a ridiculous place to put one and when the wind hit it just came tumbling out. I only saw one baby running around. Too small to survive. I went out to find him when the storm had finished so we could 'finish him off' but he wasn't to be found. There were magpies around so maybe they got him. I hope they don't build there again. The nest is basically just a tray of twigs and I'm always suprised it can support two babies, an adult and most of the time stay in the tree.

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7 thoughts on “mother nature – a beautiful bitch

  1. thanks – I was a bit nervous crouched down there, with vinnie attacking me, that I'd fall into the web and end up with it in my hair somewhere. And I was wondering where the owner of the other web was!

  2. webbing is such the amazing beauty to behold. how spiders do it simply fascinates. if only humans were as capable and committed to quality as the spiders. the world would be an infinitely better place.

  3. I watched a doco recently on the different web building techniques of various spiders and it was incredible. All their different little plans and ways.

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