birthday boy

Eighteen today. Lloyd that is, although it seems impossible that I could be old enough to have an 18 year old. (Let alone a 20 year old).

Where the hell those years have gone I've no idea. Hope I haven't wasted too many of them.

So Lloyd, started life with a nasty old umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, lay blue and almost dead on the delivery table and scored 1 on his APGAR test. After 10 minutes with some brisk massage and oxygen he made a remarkable comeback then went on to develop terrible jaundice. He had a ten day holiday under the lights in a humidicrib with a premature baby. They were a sight laying around in the tropical climate, naked, with little masks on. The premmy baby obviously tiny and Lloyd looked enormous at just over 9 pounds. People were horrified because they thought he was premature as well. Just when they thought they'd have to consider blood transfusion for the jaundice he once again kicked in and recovered well and we took him home.

He's since then gone on to become an intelligent, caring, polite, friendly guy.

So I just want to say if you have small children – enjoy them, because they're gone before you know it. You'll look back and wish you did things differently and wonder if you've screwed them up badly enough that you're going to see them on Ricki Lake one day saying what a terrible mother you were. There's no going back.

We used to put these green socks on him for our own entertainment. They were always good for a laugh. They were even second hand.

Helping in the garden.

First day of school and birthday

Over – school formal. He was so over the suit and photos. I felt like saving him and taking him home so he could lay around in his footy shorts. He doesn't usually have that funny skin tone but the photo was so dark it took some lightening up.


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19 thoughts on “birthday boy

  1. Awww! How sweet. I can concur with you on several points. (You're son is very handsome also let me say!). I also had a son many years ago who had all kinds of problems getting into and staying in this world. He was breech and backwards and another 9+ pound baby that had to lay under the bili lights. Today he's a happy, handsome 26 year old. My 'baby' will turn 17 next week. I swear, it goes by LIKE *THAT*!!!!!
    Parents of young children, don't waste a minute and don't EVER miss out on things they do because of work….it ain't worth it!!!! If you're job won't allow it…GET ANOTHER JOB!
    Happy Birthday Lloyd!

  2. This is great advice from Cat & 8gurl and I will take it! If the first 6 years of my son's life are any indication of how fast time goes by, I need to really pay attention.
    Cat, you have a really handsome son. Happy Birthday to Lloyd!

  3. WOWSERS….I told ya I'm still in shock that you're old enough to have kids that age. What the hell is your secret???
    Anyhow…..Happy Birthday to Lloyd…..a most adorable baby turned into quite a handome man!!!! Lady killer, I'm sure!!

  4. well I know you've got the right idea about your kids from reading your posts. I guess the main thing is just to enjoy them and not be on their backs all the time about stupid little things.

  5. you know we kept them for a long time then gave them to the salvo's. I used to wonder if another poor little baby somewhere was suffering the same indignation.

  6. Happy Birthday Lloyd !!!Cat, you are so right they are small and full of wonder and then they are grow and your full of wonder :)I am sure your Son is a wonderful man !!

  7. Well done Cat and happy birthday Lloyd. You will always owe your Mum, even if she made you wear those green socks and embarrassed you here in front of total strangers!

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