papa’s slidebox

We're currently in what I've named the 'coastal towns and water scenes' folder. So they may all be starting to look a bit the same. Anyway:-

Sydney of course – that would be the cruise ship nan and papa went on to take all these slides. Love that skyline other side of the bridge – very low.

Maybe this one is in Guernsey. Thats where my father comes from. Has that look about it. Looks cold. No, I've changed my mind. They don't have sand like that.

This place just looks cold and grungy. Doesn't look like you could stroll along the riverbank easily.

This could be Sydney – The trees look familiar. Althoug it is with a bunch from hawaii.

And this one is interesting – those very green  mountains. Wish I could see what that sign says and whats under the tarp.

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