Papa’s slidebox

oh, you know the rules – 1957 or there about

First – maybe the most perfect place to live – of course I don't actually know where it is but it looks perfect

Next – a set of steps I wouldn't want to be on with a rushing crowd. That'd be my nan at the bottom


I love this next one – the old colours and the pink jumper (I did tweak the pink a bit). I thought this may have been my mother but she looks too thin but it looks too young to be nan.

I saw Rick Stein go down a place like this on a barge doing a cooking show.

And this place which is not at all like the other settings.


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9 thoughts on “Papa’s slidebox

  1. These are so interesting to look at. They make me curious what the scenes would look like now if you managed to track down the individual locations. Did the makeshift staircase in #26 crumble into the sea? The bridge in #27 is probably still there. What does it look like now? What about the young trees in #35?
    (Sorry if someone else has brought this up already. I haven't gone through all the back posts & comments yet.)

  2. You'd hope the steps in 26 are still there. Probably a big hand rail on 27 now so no one can sue the council when they fall down them. Look very steep. It's interesting for me to look at the sydney photos to see the changes in the landscape and how there were no tall buildings, no opera house.

  3. the age of sue everyone – there was a guy here a while back who dived head first into shallow water that was clearly marked as being so, ended up a paraplegic and managed to sue the council for a packet.

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