Dolls. And the freaks who love them.

Remember when you were a child and you had a special doll? And remember how you loved that doll? You took dolly everywhere, you cuddled her and loved her, you had tea parties with her and sat her near your bed when you went to sleep.

Well I found these photos of dolls and I had to remind myself that someone once loved these dolly's. Some sick little psychopathic freak of a child once loved these dolly's.

The first one isn't too bad despite the skull abnormaility.

The next one is a little more freaky. I think it was the prototype for the blow up doll.

And as for the next one well what can I say. This little charmer already looks like he's eaten a few kids while they slept in their beds. I mean, are those teeth real?? And his mouth and neck are blood splattered. 

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12 thoughts on “Dolls. And the freaks who love them.

  1. Creeeeepyyyy… there were bunches of those at the flea market in Minnesota when we were there. Then there was my aunt's collection – all carefully bagged in plastic to add a nice voyeuristic coroner psychopath effect.I had a teddy bear and a stuffed seal. Dolls… ::shudder::

  2. laughing here at the plastic wrapped ones – reminds me of an australian movie Bad Boy Bubby (you sgould look out for it). I went to a womans house once and her lounge room was full of cabinets that were full of dolls. You sit there and they all stare vacantly out of the glass – weird.

  3. I hear you! When they try to be realistic with the dolls, they end up being creepy. My daughter got one for Christmas and when I checked in on her after she went to bed, it nearly scared the poop out of me! There it was lying there staring soullessly at me. Doll and clowns — if you didn't find them creepy as a kid, you will as an adult!

  4. My (crazy) sister got into collecting Barbies – all mint in boxes – and lined the walls floor to ceiling in three rooms with them. If the pink didn't get you, the thousands of eyes staring at you would.

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