Opinions requested (please)

I made these tiles for Kimba to give her friends as house warming gifts. Just file them under …  Smokin'.



Now, as you can see these ones are on plate holder "things" because the girls are renting and can't go around banging holes in the walls. But say I was going to sell some of these would you be more inclined to buy them if they had a bit of picture wire stuck on the back to hang them. (I'm not supplying those stands with them – too expensive). I've seen people jsut selling the tile with nothing and you deal with it yourself – but that'd put me off a bit. I have also seen these little sticky things called Picture Hanging Strips and they work a bit like velcro but not really. And you are supposed to be able to stick them to the wall then take them off later without leaving a mark. I've put a tile up behind me using one and have been waiting a week with clenched shoulders to hear the crash and smash but it seems to be holding. Hmm so whaddaya reckon? Sticky tape stuff, picture wire, nothing – any other ideas??

picture hanging strips 

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18 thoughts on “Opinions requested (please)

  1. Though I've never used it, I'm familiar with that Velcro thingamijig and I too would be waiting for the sound of a crash. Or at least keeping spackle and paint at the ready. Tiles designed to hang, I like the little hole in the back. Or that steel comb-tooth bar.

  2. I've used Command strips and hooks for lots of different things and they've never let go until I pulled them off. As long as the surface is prepped, I think they work just fine.Those tiles are so awesome!!! Cat, you are a talented lady πŸ™‚

  3. the little strips look neat – although you never see the back, the wire/glue doesn't look as nice. Did they leave a mark when you pulled them off? The tiles are pretty cool I must say! Thanks

  4. There have been no marks anywhere I've used them. So far, the ones in the young'un's room holding up his Spongebob "wallpaper" are the longest I've had anything up. That's been about 8 months or so and those strips haven't given a mm.I used the hooks to hang Christmas stockings initially. When the stockings started to fill, I started getting edgy but they never batted an eye, even with several pretty hefty items inside (oranges, books, etc.)Then I thought I could use them where they were to hang a large framed print I got for Mr. sKz's birthday last year. They held fine even though I severely miscalculated their weight-bearing capacity and after a few hours of constantly checking, I couldn't stand the stress anymore and took the art down.Those hooks were up for around six weeks. Not a speck of anything when I took them down!

  5. They're awesome Cat! Would depend where you were going to sell them. If it was in an upmarket shop then they'd need the wooden stands and a higher price tag to compensate, if at the markets then I'd go for the wire or velcro stuff and let peops get their own wooden stands

  6. These are 8 x 8 but I'm doing some 6 x 6 now so being lighter the velcro seems to hold – it's not really velcro, it kind of snaps together. I guess you could have the wire on it but they could still get a stand themselves if they didn't want to hang it.

  7. These are really nice! I would hang them rather than stand them so I would not want to pay for or buy the stand. Can you put a sort of triangular "thingy" on the back so that people only have to put a nail in the wall? I agree with Paxton though – one or two little nail holes will probably not be noticeable.

  8. well does the triangular "thingy" have a name and how would it stick to the back of the tile? Can't you just put a nail in the wall if there was wire on the back? And so are people generally happy to put holes in their walls then?

  9. Well, I just went and lifted a lot of things off the walls and only have this triangular thing on a few and they are light weight things. I gave my mother some flower tiles a couple of years ago and I think they had these things on them that is why I thought of it when I read your post.

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