papa’s slidebox

haven't done a slidebox for a while. Well I know where this one is – just not when. Hard to believe there was ever only that much traffic on the harbour bridge

The rest are unmarked from the world trip.

I love the next one. The blue swimmers the woman has on and the boat.

I like this next one – even though it does look like a tsunami has just hit it. Like the desolate look.


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8 thoughts on “papa’s slidebox

  1. When I lived Ocean front for 9 months in Oregon. My favorite time on the beach, where when I was all alone for freaking miles. Oregon still has all public beaches. Maybe a private cove, that is it. Yeah. The pictures are real treasures. What an opportunity to travel around. Love it.

  2. I can just picture myself waking up in the mornings looking out my window at the water – finding a sunny spot for coffee – looks like I'd be pretty fit as well, climbing up and down those hills

  3. I haven't commented on all of these pics you've been posting from your Dad's travels, but they are really amazing. What a great collection to keep and remember him by!

  4. They are my grandfathers He and my grandmother went on two big overseas trips – once in the late 50's on a cruise and another time in the 70's that I remember. My mother gave me the box of slides when she was cleaning out her garage. They are fantastic.

  5. They sure were. I have this form dated 1957 saying my grandfather is a citizen of the commonwealth and he is travelling to europe and the uk with his wife and that any courtesies accorded them would be appreciated. Then it's signed by Robert Menzies and my grandfather. I found it when he died and we were cleaning out the house. One of those things there's probably no point keeping but seems wrong to just throw it away.

  6. I understand the 50's were an excellent time to travel in Europe. Many of the countries were still recovering from the war, needed tourists, and treated visitors like royalty.

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