merry christmas

Well here it's christmas eve. Still christmas eve, eve for some of you. Tomorrow I'll have 30 here for lunch. Husbands family and our friends. Although my friends are like my family. My husband has decorated the back yard and I notice he has the dart board up and Bubbles is bringing totem tennis. After a few drinks that'll be a recipe for a trip to casualty for someone. I'ts going to be a fantastic day – really looking forward to it. I'm hoping I have more fun than my Mum was having here one christmas day. Lol.

 So I shall wish you all a merry christmas and leave you with my usual christmas wishes. It should cover everyone.

Lyrics fron the fabulous Drugstore.


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6 thoughts on “merry christmas

  1. Thanks Cat. Compliments of the Season to you and yours, too. Err, if you see a strange old man turn up just before Christmas dinner, that'll be me. Sometimes Mrs Snowy boots me and my mate, JW, out if we play up too much. Just prop me up against a wall, and put a glass of something in my hand every half hour or so, and I promise I'll be good. Ta.

  2. Oh, your dear mum – she looks like she's thinking "Look at this mess I'll have to clean up…"I hope you have plenty of fun even if you do end up having to do the washing up later 😉

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