Vox Hunt: A Holiday Memory

Show us a holiday memory.

Well, a few years ago we decided to go and spend christmas at a resort. And it turned out to be a little less resort like than we'd have liked. One day I was looking at the suggested things to do and there was a bush walk mentioned. Lovely I thought. So I convinced everyone it'd be a good idea. Look I read, we'll come to a beautiful beach. So off we set, on a balmy summer morning. I can't believe we didn't get lost. And of course we hadn't told anyone where we were. We thought it was a nice easy little walk. There was hardly a track at all and Kimba was freaking out at all the noises in the bush.

We walked for what seemed like bloody hours with a lot of complaining and there were even some tears. This is when we saw what appeared to be a panther thrashing through the bushes near us. After that my husband kept throwing rocks into the bushes ahead to scare the girls. Oh dads, aren't they funny guys?  But eventually we arrived. See how happy they are to be there. What a fun family activity it was.

And of course there was no beautiful beach. There was a murky lake that you would've had to walk about a mile into before the water reached your knees

So we each had a can of refreshing warm coke and set off home again. Hang on, was it that way, or this way. God help us – get me back to the "resort" and I'll never make them do anything again. Back on track and we came to this old house. When we were trooping past I had a brief moment of thinking – this is where some crazy mountain man comes out and hacks us to death with a chainsaw.

I could have kissed the ground when we arrived back at out room.

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9 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: A Holiday Memory

  1. but i'm laughing now, after the fact. the fact of some creepy guy who to the benefit of you and yours never emerged from his freak hovel. (p.s. all the neighbors say he was so quiet and kept to himself.)

  2. Did you hear any banjo music as you were stumbling past? A la 'Deliverance' style, I mean?
    The mountain freak could have been already busy sewing his victims skins into vests that day, A la 'Silence of the Lambs'.
    Still, great view for being murdered. Could be worse, like down some dark alley where you would have to die amongst cigarette butts, used condoms and empty bottles. . At least the sun was shining and the grass was green.

  3. lol – if I'm being murdered and trying to save the kids I don't know if I'd be stopping to admire the view. Actually I was probably more concerned about leeches and ticks.

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