Cat’s indulgences

I'm making relish. I make it using a recipe from this old CWA cookbook that belonged to my grandmother

I know it says it's the coronation book but it's not from the coronation in 1953 as it's much older than that. It's full of helpful hints about tanning sheepskins and how "on the market todaythere are modern cream and green enamelled kerosene pressure stoves" – sound dangerous, especially considering how it comes with a "fool proof can of methylated spirits"  Anyway it has the best tomato relish recipe I've used.

First you need some nice tomatoes and onions

Then you have to soak them overnight. This is the part where you tell the kids it's their dinner preparing

Then add the spices and sugar and give it what my mother calls a rolling boil

Then bottle it up and enjoy – this is the stage where I usually have indigestion from all the taste testing I've done

And I like the recipe style. No messing around. Just the basics

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8 thoughts on “Cat’s indulgences

  1. oops I replied to workers comment to you – I stuff that feature up a lot. I was going to say to you and emjay that in the hint section there is one for Violent Pains in the Head. It is to mix 9 tablespoons of mustard powder and 2 tablespoons of flour into a paste with water or oil, tie in a bag and apply to the nape of the neck as long as possible. Probably works as well as a day of pain killers

  2. I found a fabulous cheese shop today – full of weird fresh (but very expensive) cheeses – and I bought a bottle of rhubarb chutney there. Never seen rhubarb chutney before and looking forward to trying it.

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