Papa’s slidebox

Traitors Gate. You don't want to end up in this place. If you do it means you've been tried, found guilty and are your way to a date with the executioner at the tower of london. You'll be in a boat and once you get past the gates you'll see the heads of the people who have gone before you on spikes on the wall. Ann Boleyn ended up there. A woman born too early she was. Intelligent, ambitious, beautiful. Word is she was so terrified of the axe that Henry had a special executioner bought over from Fance to behead her with a sword.


The rest are a mixed lot. The are the remainder of the folder called bibs and bobs. Don't know yet how that differs from odds and sodds. There is of course the extremely black and decaying leg that papa took a photo of for insurance purposes. It was the result of a spider bite and is  pretty nasty. So unless there is an uproar from people wanting to see it I'll leave it. Maybe.

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