Look what the cat dragged in

I saw this in the paper through the week. The luckiest cat alive. The story goes:-

Nine year old Jelly walked around with a copperhead snake around her neck. Her owner said jelly wandered back into their property near Hobart carrying the snake. She called wildlife rescuers who removed the snake. Both the cat and the snake seemed quite happy, she didn't show any signs of a bite last night but this morning she was almost paralysed. She's at the vet being pumped full of anti venom but the vet say's she'll recover. Ms Wallis said she snapped the picture through the glass door but she didn't dare open the door as the cat would have walked in.

One life down.

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6 thoughts on “Look what the cat dragged in

  1. In the small town where we once lived we had a cat that was bitten. I only suspected snake bite when it was paralysed. I was told that the best place to look for a bite is on the lip. We didn't have a vet in town so took it to the hospital. The doctor gave it a shot of antivennene, and it recovered. Next week it was paralysed again, so this time we had to let it die. We never did see the snake. We had young kids at the time, so it was a worry.

  2. where I grew up there were brown snakes and mum told me if I ever saw one of the cats fighting a snake not to call out or distract them. She said they were pretty good at it – much better than slow dogs. Your poor old cat must have been a bit too curious.

  3. I feel sorry for the snake! bloody cats kill everything! Have a bounty on catheads I say (well, except yours of course). Yeah the snake probably looked OK but have a look on its spine, there's probably a hole straight into it. Sorry, I will get down
    podium now.

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