Vox Hunt: Pictures of Winter

Show us a winter photograph.

Did this one a while ago but it's the only winter photo I have. Where I live, in the middle of winter you can often find yourself just wearing a tshirt. I once bought a beautiful pink wool long jacket with faux fur collar, and the only time I've ever been cold enough to wear it was to my sons under 16 AFL football game. I was the best dressed mother there. This was a challenge I did and the brief was Four Seasons in One day. My sister sent me the photo from where she lives in DC and thats little me. Determined to get to the beach. We only went once a year so there was no stopping me.

Beach chairs and ball from sxc.hu

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4 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Pictures of Winter

  1. It's just at the moment they all seem to be winter based – winter picture, fave winter activity, fave drink when it's cold etc – hard to remember when it's all swimming, thongs (the sort you put on your feet!) and icy drinks.

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