christmas cards ….. check

Every year we used to drive around one night in december to look at all the houses decorated in the christmas spirit. This was usually an unenjoyable experience. The kids would bitch and moan and complain as if somehow I was the one who wanted to be out driving around looking at the same houses every year. Then one year there was talk about how grand all the houses were and why did we have to live in an old shack while everyone else lived in glorious mansions. So I spat it then, told some kid on a push bike we drove past to fuck off, and announced that there would be no more night light viewing. Then last year Kimba had her L plates and wanted to drive us around. This was also unpleasant and slightly terrifying. I spent most of the time with my eyes closed, especially after she almost ran over a couple out for a dusk walk (really, people should wear safety vests if they're going to walk on the road in the dark!) However I did see this decoration on someones roof and it almost made the night worth it. Rudolph here looks like he's getting a little bit frisky with Santa who looks a bit startled by it all. So this year I decided to make a christmas card out of it.

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4 thoughts on “christmas cards ….. check

  1. Excellent! Someone around he corner from us has an animated ornament in their yard with a reindeer trying to pull Santa out of the chimney in which he's stuck. At first glance, it looks totally obscene.

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