papa’s slidebox

ok usual deal – no idea where but sometime in the 50's or 60's. Although I know this is london. I love how everyone used to dress.  Look at that woman in the white suit – gorgeous. And the little girl in her green coat and hat.

I think the red double deckers are over now.

This was probably a country town show. Wonder if it was taken where I grew up. There was only a population of about 3000 people and the yearly show was quite an event. They had the sideshow with boxing and the tents that kids couldn't go in with a spruiker out the front and the "freaks" inside. Shows are pretty boring now thats all gone.

Watch repairs – for some reason I have India written under this one. That doesn't mean it is. Anyone know what that writing is?

And this one just because it looked nice

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5 thoughts on “papa’s slidebox

  1. Their official use in Britain ended two years ago. They remain in use for history tours; those not in service are sites for parties, estate agencies and to house the homeless. The double-deckers from Britain remain in use in other regions of the world, including Asia.

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