Mao Pow…er

Some old chinese propaganda posters – they're a bit of a mouthful.

American imperialism must be defeated. People of the world sure to be victorious.

Be ready to annihilate aggressors at any moment

Charge boldly against your enemy and ensure your bayonet gleams red with his blood. Only armies that dare to fight with bayonets are truly fierce. Bayonet fighting is a symbol of political and military quality in an army. Bloody bayonets are a symbol of a brave army.

With Mao Zedong thought as your guide, you will not lose your way as you navigate through the boundless sky.


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10 thoughts on “Mao Pow…er

  1. The Chinese always used great colours in their propaganda – a bit like your colours up top there – primary, strong. As for the bayonets, it is strongly symbolic. Some armies do their fighting remotely and don't have the stomach for the close stuff (we know an appropriate current example) but the Chinese know this and are playing on it – when an army is truly fighting for its country, the soldiers will fight with their bare hands if necessary.

  2. his bayonet is not bloody yet – but he looks keen to get started.
    The colours are fantastic aren't they – the chinese (and japanese) are certainly not afraid of getting their hands dirty when the need arises.

  3. are those your translations or caption commentary? battles fought hand-to-hand are a lot fairer and make a lot more sense to me than the computerized warfare of present day.

  4. what I mean is it'd be fairer if it were the politicians who decide on wars that were duking it out face to face – not the young guys they send to war.

  5. ah, in which case, yes, i've had that same thought as well. but then (a) who would run their countries? the vice presidents (or replica thereof) on down the list ad infinitum till the entire government is gone? besides, it's the nature of the political beast to send any but itself off to do the dirty work.

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