Keeping me honest

Sort of. But not if I close my eyes.

Kimba has decided she wants to lose some weight. And seeing as how she's 19 she has different expectations than I do. Which is why there is a picture of this woman on my fridge door. Her name is Carolina. She's a Victorias Secret model. And I'm sure she does eat. Just not the same things as me.

Basically she's there to make us feel so guilty when we go to eat anything that we immediately run to the treadmill in stead. So now when I want to browse in the fridge I need to avert my eyes as I open the door so I don't see her. I just sort of flutter my eyelids as I approach so she blurs. She's actually being held up on the fridge by a denise austin magnet I made for exactly the same purpose. Really must start looking at her harder – I still have 4 kilos to go.

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9 thoughts on “Keeping me honest

  1. I'm not sure looking at her would be inspiration for me. It might just be a reason to give up entirely, seeing as how there is no earthly way I'm going to ever be that young again. 😉

  2. or that tall – well not me anyway. Thats why I was trying to use denise austin as inspiration because she's over 40 and had 2 or 3 kids. Actually thats probably even more depressing now I think of it!

  3. I tried this type of thing and it only led to depressing thoughts and over-eating! I think I might do better with an obese figure on the fridge as a reminder of what might happen!!

  4. yeah – it could be like the people who throw red paint and eggs at the models who wear fur. You could just throw food at them instead as a more general sort of protest.

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