I think I'm going to have to start marking the library books I've read. I used to do it but then I felt guilty. Even though the librarian told me to do it. She came towards me over the counter one day and whispered that she probably shouldn't be telling me this, but that some people put a pencil mark on the page that is their birthdate. Then they can see if they've read it before. I'm thinking she may be "some people". I hope she doesn't tell too many people. Don't want page 20 to become full of little marks. Defeats the purpose then. The point being that I was almost finished this book when I became suspicious that I'd read it before. It is good. Not great. But if you see it and there's nothing else then get it. It's fairly depressing and the characters were so awful and morally repulsive that I was glad when it ended. And if there is a town anywhere like it – I never want to go there.

The Perfect Man
Naeem Murr

Now this book wanted to be good. It tried, but just couldn't do it. It ended up being too long and boring and I wanted to take the main character and slap her around a bit. But if you like Paulina Simons you might like it. Although I used to like her back in the days of Eleven Hours. I only went off her after the last book.

Road to Paradise
Paullina Simons

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2 thoughts on “books

  1. Way, way back when the town library seemed to be in someone's house all the books had little grids drawn inside the front cover and face page and the back cover and facing page. People then put their initials or a symbol in one of the little squares and thus you could see whether you'd already read it. Perhaps you could suggest that to your librarian rather than having people marking throughout the book!

  2. well if I go to the counter and get them to book them out a beeper goes off if I've had the book before but I usually go to the self check out so I don't have to deal with the librarian. Although sometimes I've had a book before but not got around tor eading it before it's due back.

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