Chesty Bond dresses up.

I love bonds singlets. Been wearing them for years. And now they make them for "her" they're even better. So I was thinking I could dress them up a little with some transfers. So I made the first one for my friend Jem. She's a preschool teacher. And she's just about had a gutful of kids, their parents and other teachers telling her their problems. So this can be her new uniform.

This one was just a tester. I was testing if I liked the big block sort of look like this

Or the individually cut out pieces like this

Of course I like the second one which means cutting around those little itty bitty birds with my knife. But in the top one and the black one you get the big hard square. Just wondering though if the bottom one will lift up easier as it has more edges. And cutting around those words is going to take some patience.  And don't worry how they look all stretched – I had to try them on to see where to put the transfers and they were a size too small. (Sorry Jem). So now I'll wash them every day for a couple of weeks and see what happens to them. Fingers crossed – if it goes ok I may be able to sell some.

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6 thoughts on “Chesty Bond dresses up.

  1. hmm – I don't like the big block look and when you get a tshirt with a transfer like that the background always ends up cracking. So I'd do it without that next time. I'm also thinking of putting the design on the back. Because I did one this morning and when you put it on your breasts push the transfer around a bit and if it's a longer picture it curves around under. If you put it on the back it would sit nice and straight – what do you reckon??

  2. Yes I agree that for a woman's T/Shirt it would be best on the back. What some T/Shirt designers do is they put a small pic in the upper right or left hand corner relating to the pic on the back.

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