the spirited stallion

See who said men don't talk about their problems. This came in the mail last week and as you can see my husband must have been discussing the issue with a "friend" of his who got on to these people for him.

It does say on the next page that as soon as you put the strip on your tongue you'll feel it's explosive force! And that:-

1. You can get a fantastically fine erection 5 minutes after you take a STIFF STRIP

2. Your erection will be available to your for at least 24 hours.

They are extremely discreet – they look like fresh breath strips. So no one will know, even if they find them on you.

With stiff strips you can make love for hours, with a penis that is always hard and always huge.


and if you order 6 packs you'll get a mystery gift.

So, there you go guys.

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8 thoughts on “the spirited stallion

  1. you need them in your handbag lavender – not your neighbourhood – my 15 year old daughter thought it was about the funniest thing she'd ever seen

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