Every time I consider giving up alcohol my children throw me down a challenge. Todays involves country roads, a teenage boy, a car. Combined. Quickly someone pass me the cask. See one of Kimba's friends won tickets to the black eyed peas concert in sydney tonight. She actually won two competitions so ended up with 15 tickets. Just noticed in the paper they are $ 138.65 each as well. That seems a strange amount. I also noticed in the paper that one of the peas is called I'm not even sure how to say that but it makes seem pretty ordinary and fergie and taboo must be wondering how they ended up with such boring names.

I found these pictures in the paper today. Now I know my kids tell me I'm the only parent in australia who won't let them do a lot of things but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who refuses to let them go trick or treating. Lizzie doesn't ask anymore. I had such a rant once about how we don't "do" that here that she didn't bother again. Would anyone actually have anything to give her. Who knows, one day we may embrace the halloween party but if some poor kid knocks on my door, all I'll have to give him will be a sao with some vegemite on it. Actually that could be funny.

These were taken in Kawasaki – they have a huge festival. Love that nurse and the doc.



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6 thoughts on “girls

  1. I would have gone, any spare tickets?Plus I am sure with my Ninja gear I would have fitted into the Halloween theme as well.As far as Halloween and Aussie tradition – I am not in favour of following the US once again. But I am sure there will be kids out in my town.

  2. No treats for the kids, I am too stingy :)I liked your idea of a SAO and Vegemite – you have added a very Aussie flavour to it :)If I had to I could find a small pkt of chips that Ben generally takes to school for lunch. When I lived in town the kids (not mine) were starting to do it then and I cannot remember if we ever got a knock at the door or not. I think best to discourage the American tradition. So go with the SAO and Vegemite or buy a pkt of those dip stix things that have Vegemite and biscuits all in one – I am sure they won't come back again. Just be careful they don't do the trick bit and throw eggs at your house. We live 5kms out of town so no chance of kids knocking on our door – Phew!

  3. I actually detest how this Halloween thing is being copied in Australia… and it isn't even remotely Australian! I once had this bunch of really young Aboriginal kids show up on my front door tricking and treating… I sent them off with a stern 10-second rant about how stupid the Halloween thing is to Australia and especially to Indigenous Australian culture. They left and never bothered me again.
    But seriously, there are some very young kids going around tonight without supervision… and that troubles me in this day and age of unknown nutjobs out there.

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