Evacuation guide for teenage girls

In June, here in NSW, we had floods, savage storms and more rain in four days than you can imagine. If you live overseas you may have seen pictures on the news of the ship, the Pasha Bulker that washed up on Newcastle Beach. If you haven't seen it, it's worth googling  as you can see in the layout below it was right up on the beach. Anyway we had heard that due to flooding we might have  to evacuate our house and if we did they'd be door knocking at 3 am. Not a very reasonable time really. So I told every one to put everything they cared for up as high as they could and to pack a small bag of the things they really loved to take. Kimba and Daz didn't pack a bag and Lloyd said he refused to go. He was going to stay and go down with the ship (and the Xbox). My bag had in it my camera, laptop, pink teddy and my favourite book from childhood - Teddy Edward goes to the Seaside (a mighty fine read). I went to bed at about midnight but kept waking up and tapping my foot on the floor to make sure there was no water there. I thought they might forget us and we'd be those people you see on the news, sitting on their roof, with a dog, waiting to be rescued by helicopter. And I'm telling you, with two teenage girls, that would be a bad bad situation. Anyway I asked Miss Lizzie what she had in her "very important things" bag. All the essentials of course for a 15 year old girl. You can see how high the water came. Those are the netball goal posts in the park at the end of our street.


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3 thoughts on “Evacuation guide for teenage girls

  1. You are amazing! I love the stuff you come up with! and I couldn't find any ink marks on that magnet. but then I have 50 yr old eyes………. The body one went to work and is on my office locker! My Ma-in-law pursed her lips at the people person but everyone else thought it was a scream!


  2. what can I say, I'm a perfectionist – it's very tiring you know. I tried to rub that little ink stain off but it just bugged me. The body one cracks me up.

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