Time to get real (banana peel)…

My mother has breast cancer. It doesn't matter how many times I say that it still sounds strange. On Friday they will operate to take out the cancerous lump and some glands. After some tests they will decide which of the "mopping up" options she will need. That will be either chemotherapy, radiation or a hormone tablet like tamoxifen. It seems a wicked trick to be played on you when you are in your seventies. So the doctor has told her, to tell her daughters, to be wary. Sigh, it's another calculation I have to figure in to my routine. See I hear all these statistics on the news and juggle them around to suit. i.e. 2 drinks a day increases your risk of breast cancer by 10%, exercise for an hour every day and reduce your risk by 18% etc etc. So I balance it out until I reckon I'm sitting on the fence. But this throws it out of balance a bit. She also tells me that her aunt had breast cancer so I don't know how that changes it either. And on the day she told me, it was a breast cancer awareness day – so I'm extra aware at the moment. Then I heard a woman on the news saying that any risk factors you can control, you should. So I figure thats diet and exercise. So no more bullshit. And thats the truth


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7 thoughts on “Time to get real (banana peel)…

  1. I wish all the best for your mother's recovery.
    I hope you will do everything possible to prevent it or detect it early. How are you coping with "drink free" for your throat thingy and now your cancer prevention?

  2. errr well actually rachel I haven't started the drink free stage yet. I'm starting on the dairy and wheat free. Don't want to give the body too much shock at the one time.

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