you must be honest with yourself

Thats a shame really isn't it. I read that yesterday. It was in regard to when you want to lose weight. And it's much nicer to live in denial when it comes to calories. Like when you eat standing over the sink, I don't think those calories count do they? Or if you have a few barbeque shapes when packing the kids lunches, they definitely don't count. Oh and the leftovers on their plates after dinner – no way they count. And surely if you walk for half an hour, a couple of glasses of wine won't count. So it's best not to think about all those non calories because if you did you'd soon see they probably add up to an extra meal.

Oh and I tried to make some magnets out of leftover tiles but they didn't work. Think it's because they were metal and just can't get a smooth finish. Also you really only need to tap the iron on them or the picture melts. Might try with some ceramic small tiles



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4 thoughts on “you must be honest with yourself

  1. I love them!
    I should find a magnet making kit cause my neighbour said she saw the perfect bumper sticker for me
    "Do I look like a fucking people-person?!"
    MmmmWhat does that say about me?

  2. I might take you up on that but I might have a go myself first. I envisage something with flowers, hearts and diamontes with those words for shock value. What do you think? The fridge is the perfect place for it!


  3. yes – I'm thinking of doing some that say things like Dumb Slut and Evil Whore because I'd find them really funny but not sure any one would buy them.

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