Killer Claws

I grew up in an area of NSW where it was all red dirt, wheat crops and sheep. And kangaroos. And my father used to tell me stories of the power and strength of kangaroos. About how they'd been known to drown dogs in dams and rip them open with one claw while holding them with the other. So I've always been a little wary when I go to zoos or wildlife parks where they have those areas where you can walk around with the australian native animals as if they were cats and dogs. And I never let my kids near them because – hey – they're wild animals. And it's not hard to imagine the damage they could do when you see their paws.


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5 thoughts on “Killer Claws

  1. Holy friggin giant claws! I can NOT believe that belongs to a kangaroo! Bear, yes. Lion, yes. Tyrannosaurus Rex, yes. But a kangaroo?!?! Oh, the nightmares.

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