remember the days of the old schoolyard

Today was Lloyd's last day of school. Year 12 is over – except for the HSC of course. It seems more astounding that he's finished than it did when Jessie finished last year. And it was funny watching them all up there on stage, you're funny at that age. All that attitude and energy. And what astounds me the most is that I sit there and think – I can't be that old can I? Daz thinks he's been in a coma for a few years and they all grew up while he slept the years away. That is definitely a benefit of having your children while you're young. They are finishing school and we're still young and off doing stuff. And I was thinking about my last day of school and I dug up this photo. I had already had a few drinks and done a bit of work with some plaster of paris about the school grounds. You can see I was into sunbaking then but you probably can't see that I was into bad perms as well. And you can see I was talking and I musn't have been trying to keep real quiet because I've grabbed every ones attention. Even the principal unfortunately. I was just wanting to talk to the guy next to the principal. He was a dweeby type though – principal that is. Isn't it funny how the principal was usually a weak sort while the deputy principal was the one who scared you shitless.


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6 thoughts on “remember the days of the old schoolyard

  1. Hey Cat, the older Ninjette had her last day of Y12s today, too… except for her mocks and TEEs coming up in about 4 weeks. I'd like to be in a coma, too, until the exams are over. The stress is killing me, and I'm not the one sitting the exams!
    It's all bitter-sweet, isn't it?

  2. I think there's a special phone help line for parent freaks like you!! I'm lucky my son is very cool/calm/casual. Are there uni plans in the future for your daughter? Lloyd is having a year off. Working for 6 months then going to visit my sister in DC and then UK for a few months. Go easy on her!!!

  3. No, I'd send the phone counsellor nuts, too!
    Yup, her uni applics were done two weeks ago and she'd better make it or it's a job at KFC I'm afraid. She's being guided to focus right now on the exams because what she does in the next 30 days will determine if she'll have a happy new year or otherwise. I think she's clever enough to know which one she'd rather have. Good luck to Lloyd.. hope it all works out hey?

  4. Thanks chezza but II don't get involved – I don't believe the HSC is the be all and end all of your life but besides that Lloyd has worked and studied really hard and going by his trials he should do really well.

  5. Well I hope he does as well as he wants to do, that is all that counts. You are right HSC is not the be all and end all of life, too many kids have been pushed down that track, but in Victorian schools things have changed and they have realised that there has been to much focus on just the VCE (Victoria, it was HSC when I went through) and now the trades and other areas are getting a fair go once again in the schools.Hello world – Australia needs plumbers, we have a plumber shortage!

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