9 thoughts on “Balance

  1. thanks – I'll have a sniff around but I always feel like a bit of a fake photographer – I just leave it up tpo the camera and then photoshop to do the work – I rarely get out of auto mode!!

  2. Photography is just a different kind of art, like your scrapbooking. And you have a very artistic eye! That's the way I look at photography otherwise I get a bit dejected! I can't draw or paint or even design to save my life but I like the way I take photos. I don't take photos to please other people because I feel that would take away the "artist" in me that creates for my own pleasure. Photography is an extension of your personal art. There are some amazing sites around the net where photography is the basis of their art and not simply standard landscape or portrait photography. :o)

  3. I think that's the thing. About a year ago I came across this site called digital art quirks and I remember looking at the posts on it and thinking I could never ever be good enough to post something there. But I did and now I'm a part of it. And even though I think the artists who post things there are amazing, you often hear them saying that it's very hard for them to think of themselves as artists. One woman had written that she'd said to her friend – "I think what I'm doing might be art". I think we have this idea that art is painting or drawing, more of what we'd consider traditional types of art. But really I guess it's wide open to interpretation. Anyway, I'm loving your black and whites and hope your daughter has kept up her interest in scrappin"

  4. I like that – "I think what I'm doing might be art"! I checked out Digital Art Quirks – wow there's some really talented computer people there!
    I still struggle with people telling me that they like my photos coz I'm not a "photographer", I'm just a person who (really) likes to take photos. (Although I did buy a tshirt the other day that just says "Photographer" on it – haven't worn it yet!) I see the work of real photographers out there on the net and I don't think I'll ever be that good. But I'm inspired to be better and to try different things.
    I'm glad you like the b/w stuff. Of all my photography, whether it's macro, people or landscapes, it's b/w that's really got under my skin! Still experimenting with different subjects but well and truly hooked!

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