hold the pheremones joan

I saw a bit of mythbusters and they were seeing if you could distract a guard dog by wiping various urines on you. They tried wolf urine – the myth being that the dog would be intimidated and not attack but that theory was busted. then they used bitch on heat urine. They put some on a cloth and one person waved it under his nose outside the fence while another walked in and across the yard. There was no way the dog was leaving that urine. He looked at the intruder every now and then but then went back to the cloth. Poor guy would've been left in a great state of anxiety! Anyway it reminded me of this little packet of sexxy that daz picked up in sydney. They were selling it in the restaurant toilet in a vending machine near the condom vending machine. So of course he had to get some. I told him he should test it out next time he has to do a job somewhere – probably not at the brothel though. I wonder what they mean by – made from imported and local stock. Does that mean you're smearing yourself with bull urine?


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