zap cat’s fat campaign

I'm sitting here drinking a smirnoff black, eating a packet of twisties, waiting for the pizza to arrive. But thats ok because daz and I spent the weekend in sydney and we've walked about 5000 miles. About 3000 of them were today at toronga zoo. The other 2 were around darling harbour, the city and chinatown. But I've developed some bad eating habits over the last 3 months since I developed my "weird throat" problem. Fow about a month all I could eat were chocolate thickshakes and fries. But now I'm ready to whip myself back into shape. I shall dig deep and find my willpower. Last time I needed to get back in control I got a black texta and wrote on the garage wall three sentences


because thats what it takes. I shall also put up a photo of Francisca Dennis again as I find her to be a very hot mama. She has had SIX children. So no more blaming your kids for making you fat (damn). So in the morning I shall find my inner will power and do some hard work.



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