happy shiny felines

Firstly I'd just like to leave a message for Jessie. If you're trying to piss me of by hanging all the tshirts on the line by pegs on the shoulders – it's working.

Secondly thanks to a suggestion from evilwombatqueen I've been to the shops and bought some rice milk – freshly squeezed from grains of rice I presume, to cook my oats in instead of water, because that was like glue.

Thirdly, this is charlie – the sweetest little cat of our neighbour, who always has the crankiest little face.


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6 thoughts on “happy shiny felines

  1. Charlie is a beauty and hecertainly looks like a prince.I actually took son Ben out to the clothes line last week and gave him strict instructions on how to correctly hang out clothes! Of course I have given him directions before, for instance when you hang out clothes you actually have to hang them so that they aren't crumpled up in a ball so that they may actually have the remotest possibility of drying. Also when hanging clothes outside it is best to use pegs, as pegs stop clothes from flying away. There should be NO excuses from now on as he has been shown, told and he has actually given me a correct demonstration on how to hang out clothes – I am sure that in 3 weeks time I will have to go through the same procedure once again ;-PI hope the rice milk is working out for you – I won't bore you with my breakfast cereal saga, it would be a blog hog and a half!

  2. I don't even want to think about what you have for breakfast if you don't eat wheat, oats, dairy, soy, and whatever else it was – rice milk isn't too bad kinda sweet.

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