homage to breasts

My breasts. Well, what can I say, they've been good to me. They've looked good in a bikini, they've helped me past bouncers at nighclubs and they've been very handy after having each of my babies. If you team them with a friendly smile, they're almost weapons of mass destruction. But they seem to be on a slippery slope to a new position. You can tell this is happening when you lie on your back and instead of staying up top, they try and slide away to hide in your armpits.


The background here is a matisse painting and the girl is from a book I have of pulp fiction covers. I love pulp fiction vovers.

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15 thoughts on “homage to breasts

  1. I like your artwork, very funny. I can't help but laugh when you have her breasts completly exposed, she is sitting in a chair with a short skirt on , legs wide open but the nether region is completly covered.
    From what I hear now augmentation surgery is becoming safer now, for the woman who wants to have 18 year old breasts again after child birth, a lot of women are doing it now. Why not feel better about yourself?

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