mixed messages

When it comes to body image – it seems you can't win. It seems the media are constantly bagging celebrities, movie stars, models for being too thin and that they look terrible. Saying it sends the wrong message to young girls and young women. Then along comes Britney Spears at the mtv awards in her spunky hot pants, carrying a teeny bit of extra flesh and the same media slam her by saying she looks terrible, she's too fat. Well what message does that send to young girls? Anyway, considering they say the camera adds 10 pounds and she's had 2 kids, a drinking problem and a nervous break down, I think she looked pretty damn fine. DISCLAIMER – I am in no way condoning her singing or the actual performance.


I stole this idea from a book called Mary Jane about eating disorders that has some great cartoons in it. I just jazzed it up. Pencils from scrapgirls. Face by Jessie

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One thought on “mixed messages

  1. She was dog-awful in that performance. Maybe if performers like her stopped playing up to the media, the situation for her would improve. It takes two to tango especially when it comes to "stars" vs the papparazzi.
    Never liked her stuff anyway.

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