a dogs life


5 thoughts on “a dogs life

  1. LOL. Since her/his body is very similar to my dogs, I just couldn't resist commenting this. Who is this dog? I know she/he is not Betty.
    I wish life is that simple. This is definitely fridge magnet material for me.

  2. I don't know either worker but just lift your leg and give it a go. I don't know who's dog this is rachel, someone sent me this in an email – do you want it made into a magnet – I can do that for you?

  3. Thanks Cybill… ops, I mean, Cat… 😉
    I don't want to trouble you with the fridge magnet just for me. But do you have online shop? I would love to buy one if you do, since everybody is talking about how good they are..

  4. Well it would be no trouble if you wanted that one in particular as I'd throw it on the sheet with a batch of others I could even use your dog if you sent me a photo by email. And change the background colour from black to whatever you wanted.I'm doing some for a business at the moment so I'd just slot it in there – send me a message if you want it.

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